Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attire Information: 12/02/2011 - Polka Dots/ Stripes / Floral Prints

Please wear attire (accessories) with Polka Dots/ Stripes or Floral Prints.


                                                               Female: Jumpsuit (Short)

                                                             Female: Jumpsuit (Long)

                                                            Female: Polka Dots' dresses

                                                       Male: Floral Prints'  Street Jacket

                                                       Female: Stripes' Long Sleeves Tee

                                                      Male: Floral Prints' T-Shirt

                                                     Female: Stripes' Top with Jacket

                                                                Male: Floral Prints' Shirt

                                                          Unisex: Floral Prints' Jeans

                                                            Unisex: Polka Dots' Polo-Tee

                                                             Female: Stripes' Jacket

                                                             Male: Floral Prints' Pants

                                                      Male: Polka Dots' Tie as accessory

                                                            Female: Stripes' Dress

Female: Floral Prints' Dresses

                                                           Unisex: Mixed Textures' Scarf

                                                             Unisex: Floral Prints' Scarf

Have fun on fashion!

See you guys :)

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