Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attire Information: 28/05/2011 - "Smart Semi Formal" for Last Week of May'2011

Theme    : SEMI FORMAL
Style       : SMART
Color      : Any of your favorite colors
Remarks : If you are going to wear a pairs of jeans, please do not wear washed-off / torn-up jeans. Choose dark colored jeans as well.

Styles for your reference:
                                                           Men: Sweater + Shirt + Trousers

Men: Summer Looks

Men: Vest + Shirt + Tie

Women: Tunic + Blazer (if it is short, please wear leggings)

Women: Summer Looks with Jumpsuit

Men: Checked Shirt + Dark-colored Jeans + Blazer

Men: Shirt + Bow-Tie + Blazer

Women: Jacket + Blouses + Pants (White)

Men: Sweater + Shirts + Pants (White)

Women: Long Skirt + Cardigan

 Women: Long Skirts (Summer Looks)

Thank you:) 

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