Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attire Information: 18/06/2011 - Vintage Looks

Theme主题: VINTAGE 复古风
Items to create the style: 
a) Polka Dots' Prints 波尔卡圆点图案
b) Stripes' Prints 线条图案
c) Checks' Prints 格子图案
d) Knitted Garment 针织衣物
e) Lace's Garment 蕾丝衣物
f) Flora Prints 花卉图案
g) Earthy Colors' Items 自然/泥土色调衣物 (Eg: Beige/ White/ Brown/ Yellowish Brown...)

 Stripes and Earthy Colors

 Lace's Dress

 Polka Dots

 Checked Shirt and Gold Items

 Flora Prints' Long Maxi Dress in Earthy Tone

 High Waist Skirt with Earthy Colors' Items

 Checked Shirt with Earthy Color Pants

 Knitted Sweater and Folded-Pants

  Knitted Sweater + Checked Shirt and Folded-Pants

  Knitted Sweater with Flora Blouse 

Flora + Checked Items + Blazer 

 Polka Dots and Earthy Colors' Items

Stripes/ Checked Items in Earthy Tones

Thank you:)

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