Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attire Information: 02/04/2011 - Smart Formal

Theme: Smart Formal
Remarks: No JEANS allowed

                                                   Male: Shirt with Cardigan

                                                   Male: Long sleeves' shirt

                                                  Male: with blazer and dark color's trousers.

                                          Male: with Details' Long Sleeves' shirt

                                                             Male: with Sweater

                                                            Male: Long sleeves with tie

To create smart formal looks:
a) Accessories: Spectacles, Tie, Bow Tie or Belt
b) Shoes: Leather shoes, High Heels, Wedges (no sandals/ slippers allowed)
c) Pants Colors: Black, Grey, White or Khaki
d) Clothing Pieces: Not more than 4 pieces of items
    Eg:  a) Sleeves' Shirt + Trousers + Cardigan (3 pcs)
           b) Dress + Blazer + Leggings (3 pcs)

Thank you:)

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