Monday, March 21, 2011

Attire Information: 26/03/2011 - Snugging with T-shirt

Mr.X: "Can we have T-shirts soon?"
Wendy: "Why not?..."

Let us snuggle with T-shirts this week!
Earthy Colors: Black, WhiteBrown or Grey
Accessories: Scarves, Snoods, Wide Belts, Brooches, Bow Ties, Ties, Braces

                                                          Female: White T-Shirt with Scarf

                                              Female: White T-Shirt with Scarf + Necklace

                                                    Female: White T-Shirt with Head Scarf

                                                     Female: White T-Shirt with Wide Belt

                                                         Female: Black T-Shirt with Snood

                                               Female: White T-shirt with Long length scarf

                                                Male: White Printed T-shirt with knitted scarf

Male: White T-Shirt with Black Plain Brace

Male: White Shirt with White Tie

Male: White T-Shirt with Checked Scarf

  Female: White/ Grey T-shirt with Brooches

Male: T-shirt with Bow Tie

Male: T-shirt with Brooches + Necklace

Styles' Information:

Scarves Styles can be used

P/S: Please do not wear T-shirt with Shorts.

Thank you:) see you guys on Saturday!

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